Dorm Package Description

The Dorm Room Package is perfect for the college student moving into the dorms for the first time. This package provides the student with all of the basic utensils needed for everything from eating pizza to boiling your first serving of Ramen Noodles!

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Dorm Room Package

A condensed package designed for dorm room life!

Package 101

Package 101 is a great “starter” package for the college student who needs their own utensils and not Mom’s hand-me-downs. This college kitchen package provides basic kitchen utensils for the beginner chef.

Package 202

Package 202 is made for the college student who likes to use the kitchen a little more than cutting up the pizza that was just delivered. This college kitchen package offers a sufficient amount of kitchen tools for the person who likes to cook and host the occasional college "get together."

Package 303

Package 303 is the Cadillac of the college packages. This kitchen package offers all the bed, bath and kitchen needs, not only during your college career, but also through your post graduate days!

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Dorm Room Package

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Total Package Price : $65.00


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